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I said, I will come back and tell more about my new home.

Well, it seems, that I found a good place, but there is one thing, I'm not so happy about.
I mean dogs, can you imagine?
Ok, I wanna be fair, the old one is nice, kind and so careful. But the younger one, she is fast like a canon ball and always in a hurry. Good thing is, she is more afraid of me, than I ever could be about her.

And there are other cats, one came to say hello to me, her name is Silver. She said, she don't like to stay in closed rooms and told me about Ayla, that she will never come in, even not to say hello.
After she told me about her children, who are also not around, but walking around in the woods and on the fields, she left.

My human is searching for one more cat, a young one, my age, so I have someone to play with :-)

Here is so much to play with, but my human isn't always happy about it.
Today I played with one of the plants, so much fun, but when my human came back and she saw what I did, she only said disappointed: Amber, really?
And then she brought in this monster, it's loud and it's always so hungry. It ate all the dirt I placed on the sofa and the floor.
Such a shame, it was o much work for me to place it there and now it's gone :-(


It was in time to do something in the house.
And I'm almost done with 3 rooms. One with new wall papers, that was the worst.
But somehow I have the feeling it's in need to get my own little part in this house, just in case, another woman could move in :-)

I haven't met her yet, but my oldest son seems to get serious :-)
Oh how I wish, she will be the right one this time and not only after money and the farm.
Not like this other bitch (sorry, but there isn't any other word for her), cause she only saw the farm and money.

Well, and if he is lucky this time and she would move in here, I really have to go out of their way.
Doesn't matter if we go along very well, they will need their own space, their own place, without me all the time.
I have my rooms and the kitchen and bath and maybe, don't know how yet, there will be a possibility to build some stairs outside, so they really have the rest of the house for them selves :-)

I'm open for surprises and hoping for the best :-)

My point of view

Hello :-)

I'm Amber, the new member of this family.
Yesterday was a very exciting day and also scary somehow.
First I was put in a box and before I even knew, I was alone, my mother and siblings didn't come with.
A lot of other smells and noises, and all in a sudden someone took me out from the box, only to put me in another one.
And then the human took me with into a bigger box and that was so loud. Not only that, it started to move and I was so scared.
My meow made the human opening the box and she took me out and into her arms. There was another human beside her, holding his hands on something round and only looking outside the huge glass in front of me.
It took so long time in this huge box but then the noise stopped and the box as well. And again I was placed in the small box.
Not happy, I'm telling you, I was not happy.
And so many new smells, better ones this time, I smelled animals and grass and a lot I don't know, but it smelled oh so good.

I couldn't see a lot, but the humans opened a door and we were in a house, at least one thing I know.
My box was opened again and I was allowed to come out.
A room with these soft things humans like to sit on and so much more, toys for me alone to play with and the thing I was able to climb up.
Food for me alone and a litter, not used by any other cat.
Now, I liked that a lot and after a while I found myself a place to lay down and sleep.

But so much was waiting for me to happen and I will tell about it another time.


When you go into the chicken house and know immediately that something is wrong yak
The smell was so awful and I had to shoo the hen from her nest. One of the eggs wasn't only rotten, it was exploded.
Really, you don't even wanna imagine that smell.

I cleaned out all and everything and took away every hiding place a hen would use to lay her eggs.
It really makes me wonder, why this one hen was so eager to stay on the eggs, she must have known, that they are dead.

Well, time to prepare the room for the winter, soon October and who knows, how the weather will be.


Yesterday we got a new family member :-)

Amber, a mix between a norwegian and a sibirian forest cat, born on the 20th of June.

Wonderful thing is, that Silver came back yesterday late evening, so Amber will have someone to play with :-)
I wonder, how Ayla will react and hope, she will welcome Amber here.

Time to build a cat garden, so Amber can go out and be safe in the same time.

A very sad day

Our beloved cat Lovely went over the rainbow bridge.
I was with her all the time, not able to leave her alone.
We buried her beside the trees, close to a rose, where she can rest in peace.

For ever in our hearts ♥

She followed her given name all her life, Belief in Life, and she used all 7 life a cat is given.