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Yesterday we got a new family member :-)

Amber, a mix between a norwegian and a sibirian forest cat, born on the 20th of June.

Wonderful thing is, that Silver came back yesterday late evening, so Amber will have someone to play with :-)
I wonder, how Ayla will react and hope, she will welcome Amber here.

Time to build a cat garden, so Amber can go out and be safe in the same time.

I couldn't care less

That's the message I read when I don't get any response at all.
>>I couldn't care less.<<

And I can't even tell, how much it hurts!

It's so sad and I don't understand, even more, I don't want do understand.

What's the excuse?
No time?
Too much stress?
Forgot about it?

Well, it would had taken 2 minutes to send a short message, just 2 minutes.
2 ridiculous minutes!

I couldn't care less!

A very sad day

Our beloved cat Lovely went over the rainbow bridge.
I was with her all the time, not able to leave her alone.
We buried her beside the trees, close to a rose, where she can rest in peace.

For ever in our hearts ♥

She followed her given name all her life, Belief in Life, and she used all 7 life a cat is given.