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I could laugh so loud, if it wouldn't be so sad!

Just a simple question and I didn't got an answer.
If I have to ask for permission to demonstrate, what has that to do with democracy?

Well, my answer is: NOTHING!

Instead I got a lot of nonsense to hear, ask again and again, until I got an answer, very subdued: I think nothing.

Was it so hard? Really?
And then it came: But we are still living in a democracy ...
I didn't knew if I shall laugh or cry.
Next was, if people don't like it here, they can go to Hungary or Poland or Russia, there is a dictatorship.
I give up ...

How to accept?

It's pretty hard to accept, that those seems not to care about, I care about the most.
When there is nothing left for me, than to wait ... and wait ... and wait.

Well, it seems, that even the very best friends don't like to hear the truth.
And all that follows is silence, for a month now :-(

I have to accept it, a bitter pill to swallow, I only wish, it would be easier!