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I could laugh so loud, if it wouldn't be so sad!

Just a simple question and I didn't got an answer.
If I have to ask for permission to demonstrate, what has that to do with democracy?

Well, my answer is: NOTHING!

Instead I got a lot of nonsense to hear, ask again and again, until I got an answer, very subdued: I think nothing.

Was it so hard? Really?
And then it came: But we are still living in a democracy ...
I didn't knew if I shall laugh or cry.
Next was, if people don't like it here, they can go to Hungary or Poland or Russia, there is a dictatorship.
I give up ...

How to accept?

It's pretty hard to accept, that those seems not to care about, I care about the most.
When there is nothing left for me, but to shut up.

Well, family isn't always what it looks like.

I have to accept it, a bitter pill to swallow, I only wish, it would be easier!