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Arthur and his girls

Beside all my animals I also have 2 fish tanks, one with 600 liters and a smaller one about 200 liter or so.
This small one is the home for my Betta splendens, better know as fighting fish.
They only have the half tank right now, but I hope, that they can use the whole tank soon.

I bought him last year and some weeks later (the same year) 3 girls.
Of course I like to search the internet about some information about this fish and most of the time it drives me crazy!
>>These fishes are very aggressive, they have to be alone, the tank must be small, not more than 30 liters<< and so on and so on.

sarcasm on Yes of course, cause in the nature they are all living all alone, keeping a distance, far away from each other or they will fight to death. sarcasm off
That these fishes also need a social life seems unbelievable for 99% of all, who own a Betta.
Yes, the male can be aggressive, of course, special when it's protecting the eggs and later the babies.
And a female is able to eat them all up, that's why a male Betta will fight against the female, if she's coming too close.

But otherwise they are social!
In the beginning I had Endler Guppies and 2 Ancistrus with in the tank, but they were a bit too active and that was too much stress for Arthur.
Now they are all in the big tank and everything is fine :-)


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